About Us


The STEAM Innovation Challenge (STEAM IC) is a registered, Canadian, non-profit, student-led, competition dedicated to empowering the next generation of innovators by fostering creativity, collaboration, and excellence in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. The STEAM Innovation Challenge encourages sustainability in the next generation and allows students to tackle real-world problems through innovation. We strive to ignite a passion for STEAM disciplines while encouraging critical thinking, and problem-solving. Through hands-on challenges, and a spirit of competition, we aim to instill a desire for learning and a commitment to driving positive change in our communities through diversity, equity, and inclusion. We aim to nurture a new generation of leaders who will shape the future of technology, science, and innovation.


What is it?


Ranking participants receive university recognition, cash prize and the
STEAM IC Trophy.


Attend workshops and gain an inside perspective on various professions in STEAM and get a chance to network.


Present your innovations to qualified
judges and create an impact in
your chosen field.

Join the Team

Interested in contributing to STEAM IC’s cause?

Become a part of STEAM IC!

  • Demonstrate your leadership skills
  • Be a part of the STEAM IC Ontario Board Executive Committee
  • Build your resume and stand out
  • Contribute to the STEAM fields by encouraging innovation

What do Participants Learn in a STEAM IC Chapter?


Event-specific lessons

Scientific Reports

How to write and plan a scientific report


Rehearsing for STEAM ICAC


Scientific demonstrations


Technological uses and advancements


Infrarstructure & automation


Sustainability issues encountered in today’s world