Thank you!

Thank you to all the participants, workshops hosts, seminar speakers, judges, and guests who supported STEAM IC’s first conference, STEAM ICAC 2024! Congratulations to the winners and we hope to see you next year!
You will find all information related to STEAM ICAC 2024 below.

Guest Speakers

Workshop Hosts

Winners of STEAM ICAC 2024

Astronomy 1st Place
Isabel Mwangi & Maleeha Sukkurwala
Engineering 1st Place
Kamya Raval
Life Sciences 1st Place
Mehak Bhatia, Maryam Dogan, & Yaana Arcot



All criteria is marked out of 5 points except for sustainibilty which is marked out of 8. The highest possible score is 38.

Report Format

  • 10 pages maximum (discluding citations) with a maximum word limit of 6000, 1-inch margins, size 12 Times New Roman font, single-spaced
  • An experiments section is not needed; however, the procedure needs to include the steps for creating or using the innovation
  • The discussion needs to include your scientific thinking and reference concepts you have utilized for your innovation
  • A hard-copy of your scientific report must be provided to the judges upon the team’s entrance to the judging room
  • Plagiarism is strictly prohibited, point deductions will be made according to the extent of plagiarism
  • Images are permitted on the report, but will contribute towards the page limit
  • 10-minute maximum allocated presentation time, no digital visual aids will be provided
  • The presentation is expected to be formal with thorough engagement and information
  • Any physical visual aid is permitted; however, judges are not allowed to receive items, gifts, or notes of any sort
  • The model has a size limit of 50cmx50cmx50cm
  • The model does not need to function; however, it should be a representation of the different parts of your innovation (There should be no loose pieces)
  • No digital models are allowed; however, the creation of apps and use of coding is permitted along with a physical representation


Engineering Event Judge

Life Sciences Event Judge

Astronomy Event Judge

Event Prompts

Engineering Prompt

Natural disasters cause 60,000 deaths per year, with earthquakes killing the most people. In Canada, Vancouver is the most vulnerable region to earthquakes; it experiences around 400 annually and a major earthquake once a decade. However, the province projects over 2000 deaths and 1000 critically injured if a magnitude 7.0 earthquake were to hit Vancouver in its current state. Since Vancouver’s infrastructure is not designed to withstand high-magnitude earthquakes, how can residential homes be retrofitted to be earthquake-resistant? How can existing infrastructure be modified to be made durable in order to survive multiple quakes over its lifespan?

Life Sciences Prompt

The leading cause of disability in the world is arthritis, with over 350 million people suffering from it. Unfortunately, there is no cure for the disease, and medication focuses on improving the symptoms. Treatment aims to reduce pain and inflammation but can be extremely costly. Because of this, people in less developed countries suffer tremendously. With affordability in mind, what can be made to ease the pain of arthritis? Some countries also don’t have medical professionals readily available to administer complex devices, so how can accessibility be ensured?

Astronomy Prompt

For the beginning of a new frontier of space exploration, the human race is working to expand civilization to the Moon. Currently, space equipment is mainly powered by solar cells as they are the most effective way to generate electricity in a vacuum. However, solar cells only last 60% of their life span on the Moon due to the harsh conditions. Minimizing the number of times solar cells need to be replaced will reduce the frequency of moonwalks and cargo shuttles. With the aim of extending the life of a solar cell, how can the abrasive effect of lunar regolith and solar radiation be negated? What measures can protect a solar cell and withstand the vastly varying temperatures of the Moon?

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